A SHOP assistant had a panic attack after a knife-wielding woman threatened a man in a Brampton convenience store.

Anna Poyzer, 33, pulled a knife out of her boot after a car mounted the pavement in front of her on Knollbeck Lane in Brampton.

The male driver began shouting at a man with her and Poyzer joined in the argument, said prosecutor Michael Tooley at Sheffield Crown Court.

As the driver followed the man into the nearby Dil Brothers convenience store, Poyzer was seen to pull a long, silver knife from the side of her boot.

A female witness said she was 'terrified' that Poyzer was about to stab the car driver and it was 'extremely frightening'.

Poyzer jabbed the knife in the direction of the driver inside the shop in front of customers.

Another witness said: "I felt sorry for the mothers and children nearby having to witness the scene."

All three involved in the incident at 4.30pm on June 25 had gone outside the shop when police arrived.

Staff at the Snack Stop cafe next door were forced to lock their doors to protect their customers until the situation had calmed down.

Poyzer, of Bellbrooke Avenue, Darfield, admitted possessing a bladed article and affray.

She is a mother of three children aged four, six and 13 and is separated from her boyfriend and lives on benefits.

She was said to have 'health problems' but they were not disclosed in court.

Recorder Kate Tulk said after reading psychiatric and probation reports she had been persuaded not to jail Poyzer.

Poyzer was given a 12-month community order with superivison and mental health requirements and she also has to attend a Together Women Project.