A RESIDENT fears future fires if the council do not get on top of a rubbish problem.

A fire started on Bloemfontein Street, Cudworth, was started in rubbish that had been left out by a nearby resident.

James Wilmott lives close by and says he had to go and put the fire out himself before calling the fire brigade.

He says unless more bins are provided and there is a better communication line with the council, it will happen again.

"One of the residents is a bit of a hoarder and the rubbish builds up a lot," he said.

"There's a couch out there at the minute and it's just waiting to be set on fire.

"I just wish the council would come around, knock on doors and ask people how many bins they need.

"Personally I don't think just one collection a fortnight is enough.

"I want this addressing as soon as possible because it's been going on all summer and it's getting on top of people."

A spokesman for the council said four bins were provided to each house for garden waste and cardboard, glass, cans and plastic bottles, paper and general household waste.

He said: "The alternative weekly collection scheme has been established in Barnsley for some years and the vast majority of residents manage their waste without any problems.

"We also run an additional waste capacity scheme for larger households with five or more permanent residents.

"If a resident requires assistance with managing their waste or understanding what can be recycled they should contact the waste management helpline for advice or to arrange a home visit by a member of the waste management team if appropriate."

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