A DRUNK driver rammed a van several times - because he was annoyed at turning 50.

Steven Cartwright drove into the front of the van belonging to Bella Vista, a food processing company, three times and banged on the windscreen, said John Kavanagh, prosecuting at Barnsley Magistrates' Court.

Mr Kavanagh said Cartwright, of Mortimer Road, Cubley, was also carrying a can of lager. He described Cartwright's behaviour as 'bizarre and irrational'.

He said the confrontation happened on an unmade road leading to the plant which was wide enough for two vehicles but had potholes.

Mr Kavanagh added: "The van driver saw Mr Cartwright's car being driven quite quickly and bouncing around. The man slowed to a halt and it appeared Mr Cartwright's car was driving straight at him."

Gerard Casey, defending, described Cartwright as 'fragile'.

He said: "It was Mr Cartwright's 50th birthday. Some people aren't bothered when they reach that age. Mr Cartwright seems to regard it differently.

"His behaviour could be explained by it being his birthday, him drinking a relatively large amount and to him thinking he had once been turned down for a job at Bella Vista."

Cartwright admitted drink driving and damaging the van. He was banned from driving for 40 months, fined £110, ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Cartwright was also ordered to pay £250 towards repairing the van.