AN 11-month-old boy, allegedly murdered by his father, had a ‘badly bruised’ face and a ‘swollen head’, a paramedic told Sheffield Crown Court.

Dale Wragg was told by 999 operators to attend Kadan Beaumont's Hoyland home when driving a fast response car for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Kadan's father, 28-year-old Michael Beaumont, denies murdering his son.

Giving evidence for the prosecution, Mr Wragg said he was the first to arrive at the home, on Chapel Street, and went upstairs where he found Kadan on the floor.

"My initial impression was that the baby was deceased," he said. "He was greyish blue, something we would expect from someone who is either critically ill or deceased."

Mr Wragg also commented on the child's injuries.

He said: "The child was quite badly bruised around his face and I also noticed his head was badly swollen, especially the forehead."

The paramedic asked Mr Beaumont what had happened to his son, but was told the child had been knocked down some steps by the family dog the day before.

"I asked him whether he had taken the child to see any healthcare professional in the time from the incident to the time I arrived, and he said no, he hadn't."

Mr Wragg said Kadan’s airway was obstructed, he wasn’t breathing and he gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Kadan was displaying classic signs of a head injury, which included clenching his teeth and stiffening his limbs, and was taken by ambulance to Barnsley Hospital.

His mother Helen Barnes, 27, denies cruelty to a child by neglecting to seek medical assistance.

The trial continues.