A PARODY tweeter who is gaining a cult following in Barnsley thanks to their hilarious tweets about Barnsley Football Club has cast a mock nativity play out of the first team line-up.

@Not_Keith_Hill has over 700 subscribers to the feed which is described as a 'parody account.' The fake casting started yesterday with some tweets coming in about the player's apparent auditions: our favourites were the ones that said "Fozzy and Edwards just walked in dressed as mimes. Edwards pretending to be in a box and Fozzy is just crying... NEXT!" and "David Preece. Walked in with a mop on his head, and sang "lollipop". Although he was using a stick of rhubarb - disturbing. NEXT!"

The finalised cast list was put on Twitter over an hour ago but it's worth a share for our none-Tweeters: it includes such gems as "Baby Jesus - Jim O'Brien (Because babies have beards)"; "King Herod - Vaz Te. He will look fantastic in a crown" and "Mary - David Preece in drag. Preece got Mary because he had the nerve to ask for Joseph."

If you don't already done so, go have a look at the twitter account here or #TykesNativity2011 and read the set of tweets from yesterday  through to today - they've made my day!

Not_Keith_Hill - we'd love you as a columnist on We Are Barnsley. We promise to keep your identity secret! :-)