A MAN who charged Hoyland residents £20 to dispose of their waste has appeared before courts charged with dumping the rubbish.

Philip McConnell, 25, of Royston Hill, Hoyland, has been ordered to pay over £600 after he appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court.

The rubbish was found dumped at a council-owned garage site at Church View in Hoyland back in April. The owners of the waste - four families in Hoyland - all admitted paying Mr McConnell to take it away.

He admitted collecting waste from the addresses, and charging the residents £20 to £30 each to dispose of it for them, despite  not having a licence to transport controlled waste. He then paid £10 to some other men who passed by his house in a flat-bed truck to take the waste away for him without checking if they were licensed to carry waste.

Mr McConnell received a total fine of £565, including £300 towards the council's costs.

Cloun Roy Miller, (pictured), said: "Fly-tipping is a serious environmental crime. It is a blight on our landscape and, along with litter, costs the council over £1.5 million per year to clear from our countryside and public places.

"Residents should be very careful about who they give their waste to, and always make sure they check the person is licensed to take it, they should keep a record of the licence details, and make sure they get a receipt. These residents paid Mr McConnell to collect their waste in good faith, thinking it would all be disposed of properly, and they were shocked when they found it had ended up being dumped in their local area."