THIS six-year-old Barnsley lass is all set to wow around 1,500 people with her ice skating skills!

Holly Shenton, of Gawber Primary, has been skating for two years and will perform at IceSheffield's Christmas ice show on December 5, 6 and 7.

Mum Donna, 30, of Intake Lane, Pogmoor, said the youngster isn't at all daunted by the prospect!

"Holly hasn't shown any nerves," Donna said. "She has had lessons for a year and absolutely loves it.

"She can do a waltz jump and a 'Salchow', as well as spin on the ice." 

The Salchow, invented by Swedish skater Ulrich Salchow in 1909, is a tough jump which sees a skater take off from a back inside edge of one foot. The rotation in the air is made in the direction of the curve of the take off edge.

The landing is then made on the back outside edge of the foot - opposite the one used for take off. One or more rotations may be made in the air! 

The £15million IceSheffield venue opened in 2003 and its 'Home For Christmas' show will see Holly appearing alongside the country's leading skaters.