REMEMBER this unicyclist from last winter? We've been in touch with him and he's looking forward to this year's snow!

Matt Townsend, 22, started off riding with his friend Danny Watson, going to and from Barnsley College.

Since being photographed by someone on We Are Barnsley last year, the photo has turned into a phenomenon!

"Danny had one in the back of his garage so we pumped its tyre up and started riding it," said Matt, of Gateway Plaza.

"I'm a keen cyclist so the balance thing isn't really an issue - if you fall you can only land on your feet. 

"It's twice as fast as walking and you can take it anywhere, whereas if I was on a bike I couldn't."

Matt, who is now studying music at University Campus Barnsley, has continued riding his unicycle throughout the year and says it's a real ice-breaker with passing people.

"I reckon 80 per cent of people love it. You get the odd person taking the mick but the reaction is usually great. 

"I went to the hospital the other week and they had me riding up and down the ward!"