PARTY-GOERS who get aggressive and disorderly tonight will be issued with £80 fines and banned from the town centre for a minimum of 12 hours as part of a police crackdown.

Police have teamed up with local pubs, door staff and the town centre CCTV for the crackdown on disorderley conduct which will see people asked to leave the town centre if they start causing trouble - if they refuse to go, or try to sneak back in, they will be arrested.

Chief Inspector Shaun Morley says a major crackdown is being launched in the run-up to Christmas with a series of operations on Mad Friday, traditionally the busiest party night in town.

He added: "We have robust measures in place to take action where somebody has fallen below the standard of acceptable behaviour. If they are drink and disorderly we can issue a Section 27 notice that will mean that they will have to leave Barnsley town centre - or any other area where they have been drinking excessively - for at least 12 hours - it could be up to 48 hours.

"Additionally we will issue them with a fixed penalty ticket - so it will cost them £80 for their drunk and disorderley behaviour

"Barnsley pubs and clubs are linked in to a radio channel that we monitor so if there is an issue in a particular pub they will put that over the radio. The police will be aware of it and our CCTV system can instantly start to monitor the individuals involved. If we issue somebody with a notice to move we will watch those individuals on CCTV and monitor their actions and make sure they do leave.

"If they don't they can be arrested and thats the action we will take."

The crackdown is part of a police campaign called Shaken and Slurred which looks at the crimes surrounding excessive drinking - including violence, driving while over the limit and disorderly conduct.

Shaun added: "Today is about being visible and having that deterring presence - the aim is to stop those individuals spoiling it for the rest of people who want to enjoy themselves in the run up to Christmas."

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