AN abandoned, part-built block of flats which was once valued at £11million has sold at auction - for just £375,000.

It's understood the development will be completed by the new owner, who has not been named.

A further £4million is thought to be needed to finish the intended development.

The building, at the junction of John Street and Burleigh Street, was sold at the Eddisons auction sale on October 24.

The building's skeleton is already finished and it's set to comprise of 66 one-bedroom and 20, two-bedroom flats, along with 10,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space on final completion.

Asa Foster, 28, who took the spectacular photograph on this article, raised the alarm of the 'death trap' concrete skeleton after scaling the unfinished building.

Asa was shocked at what he found inside, with needles strewn about and the building being used by people taking drugs and drinking. 

He said it was only a matter time until someone was seriously injured or killed as the building has no security, external walls, barriers, lighting, and there are holes in some of the floors.