A TINY Robin redbreast has moved in to a Barnsley garden centre and is spreading festive cheer.

The bird has set up home in one of the greenhouses at Horsfields Nursery, at the Pot House Hamlet in Silkstone and is living amidst the poinsettas.

Emma Horsfield said they had a robin live there last year and they aren't sure if its the same one that's returned.

She said: "It's very happy and it comes into the shop to sing and chirp. A lot of people thought it was a CD until they actually saw it, one woman stood and watched it for about 20 minutes.

"It comes into the nursery shop and nibbles on the fat balls and bird seeds we've got for sale so it's got a happy little life and we like having it here."

The cheerful robin has captured lots of media attention and was recorded singing by a BBC film crew yesterday.

* Photos courtesy of Pot House Hamlet and Horsfields Nursery. *