A BARNSLEY woman has set up her own business to find local acting and singing talent - by offering auditions online.

Julie Medlam launched StarStruck UK after carving a career for herself in the entertainment industry - starting out as a Butlins' redcoat, performing at the London Palladium and eventually running the Dearne Playhouse Theatre.

She says it meets a gap in the market because it will allow booking agencies to find fresh talent without having to run expensive audition processes and sorting through hundreds of show reels.

She added: "I still remember well how difficult it could be trying to convince venues, bookers and agents to give me a break in my early days; every job seemed to be a struggle to get and took huge amount of time and energy.

"Now, as a venue manager myself, I am frequently faced by the opposite problem: where to find the right fresh up and coming talent. It occurred to me that what was really needed was a way of connecting the right talent, with the right opportunities."