RETAIL guru Mary Portas has praised Barnsley Market as being one of the best locations for people to get started in business.

Mary appeared on The Today programme on Radio 4 yesterday (Tuesday, December 13) and said that the best market she had been to was Barnsley because you can put a table out for £10 and get started.

She said: “Everyone thinks when I say markets, I’m thinking “Let’s all sit down and have a nice organic lunch” but the most exciting market I saw was Barnsley where it’s £10 a table and you get it all out there.”

Mary was speaking about the publication of her government-commissioned report which calls for red tape to be cut to help town centres flourish.

She visited South Yorkshire in September as part of a government challenge to review the future of the high street and was interested in the popularity of Barnsley's Sunday second hand and specialist markets.

The interview can be found here, with Barnsley mentioned at four minutes, 15 seconds.

Leader of Barnsley Council, Coun Steve Houghton, said: "Mary Portas has said what many people in Barnsley have known for a long time, but I hope that this compliment will encourage more people to explore this area of retail."