BOXING does still have a future at the Metrodome - despite a riot ruining a show there last month.

The future of the sport being promoted at the venue was in doubt after fighting broke out between two sets of fans during contest which had to be abandoned.

But this week the Metrodome's events manager, Richard Bailey, said they would conduct risk assessment with regard to future events.

The venue once worked with satellite television broadcaster Sky and both Rendall Munroe and Ryan Rhodes boxed there before challenging for world titles.

More recently it's been used for non-televised shows promoted by Newark-based Carl Greaves - who manages the majority of Barnsley's boxers.

A statement from Barnsley Premier Leisure confirmed that the venue has no plans to end its association with boxing.

A spokesman said: "The venue has hosted boxing matches for the past 15 years and will continue to do so going forward.

"BPL has always worked closely with key partners including South Yorkshire Police and The Barnsley Licensing Department - safety of all guests is paramount."