A HOUSING development for 1,362 homes has been proposed for farm land.

The site, in Bolton upon Dearne, is one of several identified for housing by consultants who have carried out a study on behalf of the council.

Many of the pinpointed sites are in the greenbelt and one particularly large area around Bolton has been proposed for 1,362 homes, running from Bolton train station to Goldthorpe and entirely surrounding the Lowfield Road estate.

Another suggested neighbouring site has deemed land suitable for 42 houses, with no 'bad neighbours' - despite bordering the sewage works.

The report suggests these would 'need screening' but have 'not deterred demand to date'.

Other large suggested sites include:

- Land south of the Broadwater estate and south of Carr Head in Bolton, which could accommodate 613 homes

- West of Deightonby Street in Thurnscoe suitable for 684 homes

- East of Clayton Lane, Thurnscoe, suitable for 367 homes

- The Reema estate and adjoining land off School Street in Thurnscoe suitable for 752 homes.

Other smaller sites include:

- Clayton Lane playing fields suitable for 127 homes

- West of Thurnscoe Bridge and south of Derry Grove suitable for 263 homes

- South of Coniston Drive in Bolton is suitable for 220 homes

- South of Barnburgh Lane is suitable for 206 homes

- North of East Street suitable for 137 homes

- Bolton House Farm suitable for 118 homes.

However, Cllr Roy Miller said the study was only a technical exercise and did not represent council policy. He added the council only intended to build about 20,000 homes across the entire borough between now and 2027, despite the potential for up 40,500 being identified.