VOLUNTEERS are being recruited to clear the roads of snow should bad weather come after it emerged the council can only clear half of Barnsley's roads and side streets.

Coun Roy Miller says people need to help keep paths, pavements, back streets and side roads clear of snow in areas where the council cannot provide a service. He said Barnsley Council can only cover about 48 percent of its road and footway network.

Official 'good neighbours' will get freebies from the council to help them do the job - like snow shovels and grit.

Darren Richardson, assistant director for Environmental Services, added: “The Good Neighbours Scheme goes further than advice alone. It offers, for qualifying streets, support in the form of snow shovels, badged reflective waistcoats and a one-off delivery of the grit-salt/sand mix we use in our grit bins.”

For more information about becoming a Good Neighbour to help support your please call 01226 773555.