A MAN who ripped out the back seats of an overturned car to help those trapped inside has been praised by a local resident.

Barry Bailey is believed to have seen the accident on Barnsley Road, Cudworth, near Cudworth railway bridge on October 9 at 1.50pm and went to help.

He pulled out the seats and back shelf and managed to rescue the two young women and baby who were trapped inside.

Resident Jim Johnson was travelling along Barnsley Road when he saw the car on its side. Jim, from Shafton, said two young women were in the car and a baby.

He helped by grabbing the baby and he said another man took charge of the traffic.

"A nurse came forward to offer her services and made sure the ladies and the baby were not harmed," Jim said.

"The guy was relentless to get the seats out, he was just like a crazy man because you could smell the smoke.

"I personally have a frozen shoulder so there's no way I could've got the seats out. He's an unsung hero."

Jim said the people who helped were 'heroes of our society' and returned to their normal day's work as soon as the emergency services arrived.

"I never got to know their names but would like to thank you for your willingness to help others in danger," he said.

A modest Barry, 57, said afterwards that he didn't think about springing into action.

"We thought the car was on fire because the airbag went off and the women and baby were screaming. As soon as we heard them we thought we have got to get them out."

Barry has since been given a thank you card from the passengers for his efforts.

"It's just one of those things you do," he said.