SAD news - an iconic Barnsley pub where Kes was filmed could be demolished within weeks.

The Dards in Cudworth closed its doors in April and its now ex-licensee Adele Sellars, 48, had her own bid for the pub rejected. She said she was worried the 'landmark' building could be knocked down.

Local lad Thomas Agus said he saw an opportunity for investment to develop the site and set up ATTA Properties Ltd with friend Andy Thompson.

Several parties have been interested in the land, Mr Agus said, ranging from bedsits to flats and a local shopping store.

He said there was little interest in reopening it as a pub.

"Before we decided to buy the property we did not want to see it be converted to bedsits, flats or a shopping centre.

"The building may look the same from the outside, but it would lose its soul.

"Therefore we decided the best option would be for the building to be demolished."