BRAVE souls taking part in Zombie Run Barnsley have been warned they will enter a terrifying post-apocalyptic world.

After signing up to the event, the runners were given instructions from 'HMRC Department of Pensions and Zombies' to meet at evacuation point Worsbrough Mill on October 19 - a class one secure military site.

It's here they will receive further details on evacuation from the zombie apocolypse.

'Corporal' Katie Cartwright, who is Barnsley Hospital Charity's fundraising manager, explains what they can expect.

"On arriving at the site, runners will be greeted by fully kitted-up military personnel," she said.

"Surrounded by emergency vehicles, from fire outfits to full army-rigged trucks and armoured vehicles, the runners will enter a fantasy world from the minute they step on site."

Known as the 'evacuees', the runners will be ushered by zombie squad personnel while SWAT teams keep an anxious eye out for any rogue zombies who may have found their way onto the secure site.

Once they have been called, the runners will take their places at the starting point where they will prepare to run for their lives.

"However, just as everything seems like it's under control, reports will come in of a breach of the defences," said Katie.

Before runners' eyes a battle between the zombie squad and the living dead will unfold. Amid the organised chaos, the 'evacuees' will be told to run.

Participants will be taken on a 5k route across rugged terrain, from river crosses to swamp trails to forest and farmland. On the way they will encounter a number of obstacles such as bridges, tunnels, a 'flesh' store, a zombie pit and a refugee camp.

Not only will they have the obstacles to face but the course will also be littered with the living dead!

All runners will have a utility belt attached with three lives on it. It will be the zombies' role to try and take the lives from them.

Katie, 32, says the aim of is not to get achieve a personal best time but to reach the other side - alive.

"At its heart Zombie Run Barnsley is a way for local people to support their local hospital," she said.

"We've been overwhelmed with the support we have had for this event, with more than 500 runners, more than 100 volunteer zombies and 50 event volunteers signed up already."