A BARNSLEY man who has completed just 54 out of 240 hours of unpaid work after being found guilty of benefit fraud has been warned he will be jailed if he doesn't up his efforts. 

Probation officer Charles McDermid, prosecuting, said James Radcliffe, 31, last did unpaid work in mid-July.

He said: "He didn't tell the Probation Service he had changed his address. It's of concern that 186 hours of unpaid work still has to be done more than six months after he was sentenced."

Mr McDermid said Radcliffe wrongly claimed £8,119 in benefits when he failed to disclose he was a full-time student.

Morgan Hogarth, defending, said Radcliffe had started working but had had problems including difficulties with an employer and his landlord.

Mr Hogarth added: "Mr Radcliffe wants to get on with things. It would be shame to condemn him to prison now."

Deputy District Judge Tim Capstick said: "I will send you to prison if you do not complete this work."

Radcliffe, who admitted failing to attend unpaid work sessions, had 20 hours added to his sentence and was ordered to pay £70 in costs.