A PARROT who was a great comfort to a Barnsley man recovering from illness has escaped - and he wants your help to find her.

David Britton, 44, of St David's Drive, Ardsley, has had Blue the African grey parrot for five-and-a-half years since she was young.

But when David was having work done to the balcony of his home last Sunday afternoon, the patio doors were accidentally left open and she managed to fly out.

The parrot had been a great comfort to him while he was ill and David is desperate to find her.

He said: "I had a kidney transplant in March this year after being very ill. The transplant went well but unfortunately I got pneumonia and two types of flu and became critically ill. I'm now doing well and feeling a lot better.

"My pet African grey parrot has been good company, especially while I have been recovering. But Sunday afternoon Blue escaped.

"I was having some work done on my balcony and she has never attempted to escape before, but the workmen left the patio doors open and she managed to fly out.

"She is close rung, grey in colour, with a white underside and red tail feathers. She does talk but if she is scared she may not do."

David said parrots will usually fly in a two to five-mile radius of where they took off. He says Blue is quite wary of unfamiliar people so if anyone spots her or finds they should contact him on 07734 418 971.