BARNSLEY'S oldest market stall is closing - and the owner says he's glad because the market is 'going downhill'. Do you agree?

Arnie Homer, 64, has been running Sid Tyas sweetshop for more than 28 years after taking over from former owner Sid Tyas, who started the business in 1949 and is now in his 90s.

The stall is not to be confused with Sailor Sid's in the semi-open market - although some people get mixed up as both the stall founders were named Sid.

Arnie, of Mapplewell, is retiring. He says higher car parking charges, changes in shopping habits and market management problems are killing the market.

He said: "It was a fantastic market and it's scandalous the way it's going. When I first started you couldn't move. You couldn't get away even after 5.15pm because there were so many customers.

"But now people are going to supermarkets where they don't have to pay for parking. Not many youngsters come here - they don't know how to cook so they're not going to come in for meat and veg.

"Shopping habits have changed. You only have to look at Barnsley town centre to see that."

He also complained that new traders are now taking on stalls for half the rent that well-established stall holders are paying.

Arnie said: "The market office will also not let people close early - even if they aren't making any money - because they say that's bad for trade.

"I thought at one time I would miss it, but the way the market is going it's boring and soul destroying to stand here. One stall holder who sells coats made just £50 in three days."

Do you agree with Arnie that the market's going downhill? Have your say below.