PARENTS will be able to find out more about a new free school planned for Barnsley at a public meeting.

The Wellspring Academy Trust is seeking to open the mainstream Elements Primary School to address a major shortage of primary places across the borough, particularly in the town centre around the Doncaster Road area.

Josie Thirkell, chief executive of the Trust, said it will employ specialist teachers and staff to meet the needs of families and pupils in the area.

"As a local trust we always seek what's best for Barnsley and providing a new primary school in a shortage area is why we're following this course of action," she said.

"We know that we have the expertise and local knowledge that will ensure that we can offer a school that delivers an outstanding opportunity for pupils, parents, families and the wider community.

"The bespoke curriculum offered will enhance the National Curriculum and enable pupils to improve their learning outcomes."

The school will be funded directly by the Department for Education and open to all children from three to 11-years-old. If the funding bid is successful, the school will open in September 2015.

The public meeting is at 5pm at Barnsley College on October 21.