A MAN was found dead on his settee - days after visiting his GP complaining of chest pains.

Gary Newsome, 50, of Hartington Drive, Honeywell, died at his home on July 19, 2011.

An inquest in Sheffield was told how Mr Newsome, who suffered from diabetes, smoked and was overweight, had been to see Dr John Harban, who works at Lundwood Medical Centre, on July 15, accompanied by his brother, Allan.

Allan went into the consultation room with his brother and said Gary was complaining of chest pains and that he was out of breath.

But Dr Harban said Gary did not complain of chest pains.

Dr Harban said he believed Gary was starting with a viral illness that had exposed a developing condition - an obstruction of his airways - from the number of cigarettes he was smoking.

He said he followed guidelines and sent Gary away without treatment.

Within a couple of days of seeing the doctor, Gary left a telephone message for him, complaining of chest pains which he said he had suffered the day before his appointment.

Mr Harban said he rang Gary on July 18 and asked him if he had any chest pains, to which he said 'no, it hurts when I cough'.

"That statement did not represent a cardiac cause for his cough," Dr Harban said.

The blood tests showed an infection, and the GP asked Gary to go in and see him, but as Gary had no transport to get there, it was agreed he would prescribe tablets to be picked up by his brother.

Dr Harban did not log the conversation on the computer until the following day, July 19, but dated it July 18, and admitted this was poor practice.

He denied he knew Gary had died when he logged the notes.

Expert witness Dr Grenville said Dr Harban had made insufficient enquiries and examinations on July 18 and insufficient enquiries when speaking to Mr Newsome on the phone.

A verdict will be recorded on October 23.