THE council has admitted that people have been getting away with parking illegally - because traffic wardens have not been patrolling the streets often enough.

Alan Turton, Barnsley Council's car parking manager, revealed this week that enforcement officers had visited Penistone just 13 times in the last four months.

He promised the service would improve and said the council has now recruited three additional employees to deal with drivers who flout parking laws.

"We haven't provided the service as much as we would have liked to have done in the last four months," Mr Turton admitted.

"Going forward we're going to provide a much better service than we've been able to over the last few months.

"Three new enforcement officers are due to start work soon and there will be more visits."

Jeanette Edwards, chairman of Penistone Crime and Safety Group, welcomed the news of increased patrols.

"If they've been 13 times in the last four months, I think I've seen them once," she said.

"They're parking wherever they can. Anybody will park where they like if they're going to get away with it.

"If people do start to realise they're going to get ticketed and a fine then maybe they'll start thinking about it. There's a lot of revenue to be had in Penistone."