A SHOPLIFTER who threatened to stab a man trying to foil his getaway has been given a 12-week jail term.

Tony Garner said to Dean Turton: "I have a knife. If you do not get out of the way, I will stab you."

Mr Turton was entering a branch of Costcutter when a shop assistant asked him to stop Garner who was stealing beer, Barnsley Magistrates' Court was told.

June Allen, prosecuting, said Garner, 30, was wearing a coat with large pockets to hide the cans.

She said: "Mr Turton was going into the shop. He tried to stop Mr Garner but stood aside when he was threatened. Mr Garner escaped."

Philip Howard, defending, said the theft was 'unsophisticated'. He said Garner, of Coronation Avenue, Grimethorpe, wore a thick overcoat with big pockets on a hot day.

Mr Howard said Garner denied threatening to stab Mr Turton but accepted he said he had a knife.

He said: "Mr Garner was homeless and effectively living on the streets after being repleased from prison. He had no money. He handed back one of the cans of beer.

"As he was leaving the shop, Mr Turton stood in front of Mr Garner."

Garner admitted threatening behaviour and theft.