WASTE collections in Barnsley are set to drastically alter. Here's your WAB Guide on what's new.

The council said although they're 'committed' to fortnightly collections of grey bin waste, other recycling collections will change.

The way Barnsley residents have been recycling, and the feedback received, has shown that people want their garden waste collected all year round, not just in the summer.

It's also apparent that the rise in email and electronic copies of paperwork means there's less paper to recycle. In the past five years, paper collected at the kerbside in Barnsley has dropped by 1,500 tonnes.

For glass, cans and plastics, only half the bins are being put out for emptying every time.

So collections are set to be adapted to make better use of resources in light of their findings. This would see waste collected like this throughout the summer:

Week 1: garden waste, cardboard, paper

Week 2: non-recyclable grey bin waste

Week 3: garden waste, glass, cans, plastic bottles

Week 4: non-recyclable grey bin waste

One of the garden waste collections will stop during winter months (December to February) and be reinstated in March. Actual dates and week affected will be confirmed on residents’ leaflets.

To prevent mixing of different types of waste, the use of bins will also change. Residents across the borough will receive a leaflet explaining the changes and when they will start in their area. The changes will only apply from the dates on the leaflet.

Grey bins: fortnightly, non-recyclable waste

Green bins: garden waste only - fortnightly up to winter, then four-weekly

Brown bins: glass, cans, plastic bottles - four-weekly

Blue bins: cardboard only - four-weekly

White bag: a new scheme of a hard-wearing, hessian-like 55-litre bag for paper

Cllr Roy Miller, cabinet spokesperson for development, environment and culture, said: "The people of Barnsley have been fantastic in the way they have taken to recycling, taking us to a rate of 46 per cent, which seemed an unthinkable target only a few years ago.

"The changes in these services will allow them to continue recycling with minimal impact."

Switching to this system will save the council £250,000 a year. There will be a one-off £220,000 investment needed to implement the changes to the system. This includes supplying blue bins for those who don’t have one, or larger 240-litre brown or blue bins for those residents worried about their ability to cope with the increased gap between collections.

If approved by its cabinet, phase one of the changes will affect 15,000 properties covering Hoyland Common, Worsbrough, Birdwell, Kendray, Kexborough, Barugh Green, Mapplewell, Darton and Staincross.

These properties will receive their leaflets and white sacks in October, their additional bins in November and the revised service will start in December which includes the collection of garden waste throughout the year.

Phase two will cover the rest of the borough, with white sacks and leaflets being issued in December/January, additional containers in February, and revised service in March.

These residents will have garden waste suspended over the winter as in previous years and will receive a separate leaflet.

For more information, call 01226 772045, or email here.