WITH the long-running works on the A61 set to continue until November, We Are Barnsley has been in touch with the council regarding compensation for businesses affected by the works.

Earlier this year Barnsley Council said the scheme would be finished in June, before unforeseen issues caused further delays, with August and then September being earmarked for its completion.

However, the council took the opportunity to bring forward resurfacing work on the troublesome road to follow on directly after the completion of the bus corridor scheme.

While the works have been a huge talking point with disgruntled road users on We Are Barnsley, business owners on the road have had a rough time as the works have affected their takings.

Iain Hulme, who runs TCS Continental Spares garage, says his business will struggle to see it to the end of the works.

He said closing one side of the road so it can be resurfaced is putting his and other businesses in jeopardy as it has resulted in a dip in passing trade.

Iain added: "We've just had our usual quiet period of six weeks because of the school holidays and I dare say the business will not last the ten weeks these roadworks will take.

"I had a customer who got to the top of Old Mill Lane to try and get to my garage and it took an hour. In my eyes, that's not on."

Iain's isn't the only business suffering. Clive Harris, 59, owns Barnsley Van Hire and said all the traders on Wakefield Road are angry about the roadworks and the few days' notice they were given.

"Only half the road is working," he said. "The concern is trade is going to suffer. We've already endured two years of roadworks and disruption.

"People are ringing up asking how to get here and I'm having to try and direct them and some are cancelling their bookings."

A KFC employee said it has seen a dip as a lot of its custom is from traffic going towards the town centre.

Motorcycle shop owner Shane Parkin said traffic had been 'carnage' since the council closed one side of the road.

He said: "There are cars turning around in the middle of the road and with the way things are, nobody is going to want to go into town. It's mayhem."

Mark Crawshaw, a landlord on the road, said his clients are struggling and the works have 'crippled' their trade.

Tony Buckley, owner of First Call Building and Garden Supplies on Peel Place, off Old Mill Lane, said traffic chaos created by the bus corridor near Wickes was dangerous and could lead to an accident.

"I think all the businesses down here should be offered compensation," he said. "No one has been out to see how it's affecting us. We all got leaflets about two weeks ago but no one said how bad it was going to be."

Cllr Roy Miller said businesses will be able to seek compensation - if they can prove their firm has lost trade because on the ongoing A61 roadworks.

He said: "There is a policy in place where if they believe they have lost trade and can show their figures for the last three years, they can apply to the highways department for compensation."

A council spokesman confirmed: "In the past, our Highways department has done its utmost to try to accommodate the concerns of individual businesses to try and compensate for the effect of road works on their businesses, for example by providing additional signs.

"If any businesses feel they are being unduly affected by the current maintenance works on the A61, they should contact Highways on 01226 773555 or by email at highways@barnsley.gov.uk where our officers will be able to better understand the issues and provide further information and advice."