PLANS to improve a park in Barnsley are on hold after its latest arson attack caused £6,500 of damage.

Millennium Green play facility in Grimethorpe has been a target for arson over the past 12 months and the latest attack has seen damage costing an estimated £6,500 take place to the swing set.

Cllr Roy Miller said: "This damage has taken place in a community that really needs these facilities and it’s sad that people would seek to trash public areas at all, but especially in their own communities.

"Barnsley Council has invested a lot of money in these facilities and it has been subject to a lot of vandalism.

"In the current economic climate we just don’t have the cash to keep repairing or replacing damaged equipment."

Sadly, the Millennium Green play area was due to have the whole of the junior play area resurfaced but the work has had to be put on hold while officers assess the extent of the damage, which was caused by a sofa being set on fire.

There were also plans to remove old litter bins and equipment and there was a potential to replace with new bins and a small item of play kit - this is all now in question.

The aerial runway on the site has also been vandalised twice within 12 months, costing £4,000 to repair the first time damage took place. This will now have to be removed.

The council’s Parks Services department is currently in the middle of a refurbishment programme for the four play areas in the Grimethorpe/Brierley area and also looking at providing another junior play area in Grimethorpe as part of the scheme.

The funding available for the programme is coming from new housing developments in the area total approximately £165,000.

However, some of this work is also now in question.