A PENSIONER who was treated in hospital for pneumonia is struggling with no central heating in her council bungalow.

Lyn Roquebrun, 70, of Chapel Street, Hoyland Common, lives in one of 29 properties who haven't had any heating since August 7 and will not be able to use it until October 30 because of work being done by Berneslai Homes.

Lyn came out of Barnsley Hospital a week ago after three days' treatment, Her granddaughter Avril Squires, 25, is her carer.

She said: "My nan comes to mine at Headlands Road every day except Sundays. She comes to mine where it's warm. She's also taking 17 types of medication.

"Her bungalow looks like a bombsite with all the work going on. Last month when the weather was warm it was okay but it's not in this colder spell. Also, residents are having to continue to pay their heating bills."

A Berneslai Homes spokesman said that Parkside, Hoyland Common, was one of the schemes where it was in the process of converting heating systems to a new renewable energy system, called Ground Source Heating.

He said: "Unfortunately, it was agreed there was no other option due to the work required in the boiler house, but to turn the heating off to all properties on site. The contractor has scheduled a 12-week programme from August 7 to October 30 for these works to be completed."

He said all tenants were notified the heating would be turned off and had been provided with temporary electric fan heaters until the new system was operational.

He added: "Due to the recent drop in temperature, we have instructed our contractor to visit all properties on site to ask the tenants if they require additional electric fan heaters."

Mrs Roquebrun requested the fan heaters, which were supplied to her earlier this week.

"We will contact her to see if she requires any further assistance," said the spokesman.