MUMMIFIED Roman remains were almost certainly buried in and around Barnsley almost 2,000 years ago.

Famed Barnsley-born Egyptologist Joann Fletcher says it's now obvious there was a much greater Roman presence in Barnsley than used to be believed.

Experience Barnsley's 'The Romans Are Coming' exhibition was curated by Jo and includes Roman pottery, jewellery, clothing and coins - including part of a huge haul found in Darfield and also a 300-400 AD mummy cast, which covered the embalmed, linen-wrapped body of a child.

Jo, 47, said: "There's evidence around Thurnscoe of burial pits and more work needs to be done. We’ve only just started looking to be honest, because until very recently who knew these existed?

"There's certainly evidence that there were a lot more Romans in our part of the world than used to be believed. Those Romans were embalming, mummifying and wrapping in linen their dead, according to Egyptian customs."

Jo, who presented a two-part BBC documentary Ancient Egypt: Life and Death In The Valley Of The Kings, also won a Royal Television Society Award for her part in the Channel 4 documentary Mummifying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret.