CAMPAIGNERS against the so-called 'bedroom tax' are stepping up their fight.

Barnsley Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax members have been heartened by a number of events in recent weeks that has given them fresh hope.

The tax is a cut in the amount of housing benefit people receive if they're deemed to have a spare bedroom in their council or housing association home.

The cause of the renewed hope for campaigners comes after a meeting in Cudworth when Barnsley Council's leader, Sir Steve Houghton, told angry tenants he would argue for the council to oppose the bedroom tax.

Cllr Houghton also promised to look into whether the council could follow the example of others in promising no evictions for bedroom tax arrears.

In Scotland, a tribunal in Kirkcaldy decided the local council had to take account of how any 'spare room' was actually being used, leaving the way open for thousands of people across the UK to submit appeals.

Fran Postlethwaite, from the Barnsley Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax group, said: "The pressure that campaigns have put on all over the country is beginning to pay off.

"There are signs that we can get rid of this hated tax. Now we need to step up the pressure."

More cases of bedroom tax arrears are expected to be heard in Barnsley County Court on Tuesday when the council will be taking the next step towards eviction by seeking possession orders on a number of people who have got into arrears.

Fran said campaigners will be outside the court from 9.30am to demonstrate its opposition.