READERS can expect more stories about people peeing in bus stops when the Barnsley Chronicle welcomes its guest editor this week.

Cheeky BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast show presenter Toby Foster, 44, is stepping into the boots of editor Andrew Harrod to take the helm of Yorkshire's best-selling weekly newspaper.

"I'm looking forward to it even though I'm not sure what we're going to do," he said. "I like stories that are funny, like the ones about people weeing in bus stops."

"I'm told I'll be something like the sixth editor since the Second World War - and they were all a hearty bunch of men."

Toby is right, he will be the sixth man to take charge following editors Ronald Yates (1945-1969), Anthony Galvin (1969-1985), Don Booker (1985-1994), Robert Cockroft (1994-2011) and Andrew Harrod (2011-present).

"I'm a big fan of the Chronicle and I've always read it and we talk about it a lot on the radio," Toby added. "We're going to be doing the show live from the Chronicle on the Friday, too."