A ROYSTON resident who has been leading the fight against a supermarket and housing development has had his complaint rejected by a council watchdog.

Sam Morgan, 59, of Doles Crescent, contacted the Ombudsman earlier this this year to complain about plans including a new supermarket and more than 140 new homes on the old Royston High School site.

He said he and residents were unhappy with the planning process and the vast majority of people in the village do not want the development.

Sam claimed the land is worth £7million to the council and the plans were pushed through so the council could make money.

Planning permission was granted in March, but Sam complained to the Ombudsman on behalf of residents to say a late letter of objection from Royston Asda about the impact of another supermarket had not been properly considered.

He also said the supermarket will have an impact on businesses and by building off Midland Road, the road will not be able to cope with volumes of traffic.

But in a letter from the Ombudsman, it has said it will not investigate the matter further.

It says Sam lives on the other side of town and cannot say he is 'significantly affected by it'.

Sam says he has spoken to the Ombudsman and explained he has been representing residents, but his complaint has been taken as his own argument.

He says he has also been told the late letter from Asda was properly considered.

Sam says he did not expect the complaint would ever stop the plan and work is now underway on the site.

But he says he wanted to make sure the council stand up and listen to local opinion.

"It was for awareness and a rap on the knuckles for the council to take people's opinions into consideration," he said.

"We've lost the fire station, the school and the spring factory and all we are getting is housing and part-time jobs.

"All part-time jobs do is bring 16-24 hours' work and tax credits which means there are figures for people in work but not full-time work."

According to the letter, the decision by the Ombudsman is a provisional decision and before a final decision is made, Sam and Barnsley Council are allowed to comment.