EVERYONE was especially happy to be back at one Barnsley school last week - because the first day of term very nearly didn't happen at all.

Dodworth's St John the Baptist was hit by a devastating flood at the start of the summer holidays - leaving rooms under several inches of water, classwork ruined, furniture destroyed and the short term future uncertain - after heavy rain caused a local beck to overflow.

Headteacher Ian Goddard sent out a desperate text message that fateful Sunday morning - it simply said 'help'.

Within one hour, more than 50 parents had turned up at the school armed with mops and buckets, children came along to help in any way they could and a local company offered the use of its equipment.

Since then the work has been relentless but when the new academic year started on Wednesday the primary school was ready for a new year and a new start.

"All the staff, the parents, the children and the wider community have been truly magnificent," Mr Goddard said.

"We have had days and days of mopping, sweeping and clearing up, a lengthy drying out period and then faced getting all the furniture, fittings, books, equipment and everything else that was ruined replaced.

"That one word text message resulted in such a wonderful response.

"It made us all believe that no matter how much work needed to be done we would all together get through it and the school would be ready for the new academic year.

"I cannot thank everyone involved enough - they have been truly phenomenal."