MAJOR reviews are being carried out into how the police manages child sexual exploitation offences.

The Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has asked Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary to conduct a review of the process and structures in place to investigate such allegations.

He has also asked the Chief Constable to set up an additional team of detectives and other specialists to investigate allegations of historic child abuse in South Yorkshire.

Mr Wright said: "I made this my priority in my manifesto when I was elected nine months ago."

Mr Wright said he's determined to continue to do everything he can to stop abuse from happening and to review historic cases which, for whatever reason, didn't lead to a prosecution.

"I believe the approach taken today by South Yorkshire Police in investigating allegations of child sexual exploitation is vastly improved and bears little, if any resemblance, to the approach taken in the past.

"I'm also aware of a number of ongoing criminal investigations that will see a number of defendants in the dock charged with serious sexual crimes.

"But I want to be certain that the approach, the processes and the systems used by South Yorkshire are right, and HMIC will be providing me with an independent perspective."