A GARAGE owner says his business will not survive the ten weeks roadworks are expected to last on Wakefield Road.

Iain Hulme runs TCS Continental Spares garage on Wakefield Road.

He said closing one side of the road so it can be resurfaced is putting his and other businesses in jeopardy as it has resulted in a dip in passing trade.

A temporary one-way road restriction is in place from Burton Road to Smithies Lane to allow for resurfacing work and is only open to traffic heading away from Barnsley town centre. Inbound traffic is being diverted through Monk Bretton and Smithies.

Iain said: "We've just had our usual quiet period of six weeks because of the school holidays and I dare say the business will not last the ten weeks these roadworks will take.

"I had a customer who got to the top of Old Mil Lane to try and get to my garage and it took an hour. In my eyes that's not on."

Iain's isn't the only business suffering. Clive Harris, 59, owns Barnsley Van Hire and said all the traders on Wakefield Road are angry about the roadworks and the few days' notice they were given.

"Only half the road is working," he said. "The concern is trade is going to suffer. We've already endured two years of roadworks and disruption.

"People are ringing up asking how to get here and I'm having to try and direct them and some are cancelling their bookings."

A KFC employee said it has seen a dip as a lot of its custom is from traffic going towards the town centre.

Motorcycle shop owner Shane Parkin said traffic had been 'carnage' since Monday.

He said: "There are cars turning around in the middle of the road and with the way things are, nobody is going to want to go into town. It's mayhem."