SOUTH Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner is calling for all burglars to face jail - after revealing his home had been broken into.

Shaun Wright said household burglaries are ‘traumatic’ and cause considerable ‘upset and grief’ to the victims.

He revealed that when his home was broken into in December 1994 money and jewellery were taken, but the loss of a camcorder with a film of his grandfather and baby son hit him most.

Mr Wright had filmed his elderly grandfather recalling old stories of his youth with the baby on his knee.

"They took money and jewellery but what could never be replaced is a camcorder and a film of my grandfather - who had dementia and was in his 80s - recalling stories from his life while my baby son was sat on his knee.

"A couple of months later my grandfather passed away."

Mr Wright described burglary as a ‘very serious crime’.

"Burglary is something that people should go to prison for. Sneak-ins are bad enough but when someone prises your window open and climbs through in the middle of the night it's a terrifying experience.

"People who do that should always go to prison."