BARNSLEY Hospital’s patients rate its cancer services highly, according to the latest results of a national survey.

The hospital comes out well in the annual National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which asks patients 65 questions about their experience of care from diagnosis to treatment.

The hospital scored in the top 20 per cent in the country on 18 of the questions, scoring particularly strongly in areas such as patients having confidence in doctors and nurses and patients being given privacy when discussing their condition or treatment with staff.

Other areas of strong performance included staff giving patients enough emotional support and families being given enough information to be able to care for their relative at home.

Jill Pell, head of patient experience at Barnsley Hospital, said: "These are solid results that show that cancer patients continue to rate their experience at our hospital highly.

"We're particularly pleased that patients consistently feel that they can put their trust in our staff, and that they feel we are giving them the emotional support they need during what is no doubt a difficult time for them.

"That said, the survey has also shown us that we need to continue to strive to improve our patients’ experiences, especially in relation to the information we are giving them prior to diagnostic tests.

"We will be looking closely at what the results tell us in order to ensure that we make the necessary improvements."