DISGRUNTLED residents are taking action over plans to build up to 200 new houses on the edge of a village.

Residents in Applehaigh View have printed 300 leaflets and are handing them out to neighbours in a stand against the new development north of Lee Lane.

They have formed the Care for Royston group and are wanting others to send objections to consultancy firm NJL Consulting - who sent a letter to residents in July outlining the proposals.

The group is also urging residents to send their concerns to Barnsley Council and lobby local councillors.

On Tuesday an application was submitted to the council for outline planning permission for up to 200 homes, with a mixture of two, two-and-a-half and three-storey properties, as well as a small food shop.

The land is currently used for agriculture but the project would provide sustainable housing for the area and fit in with the council's strategy for more housing, the application states.

According to the application, access would be from Lee Lane via a roundabout. There would also be public open spaces and 15 per cent of the homes would be affordable housing.

The application also states that about £1.4million would be available through a 'New Homes' Bonus' contribution - money from the government paid to Barnsley Council which has to be spent in the local community.

But the Care for Royston group has listed a number of reasons to object to the scheme.

Members feel there are already too many new homes planned for the village - citing examples such as those given approval on the old high school site and the possibility of others on the former fire station.

To build more homes would be unsustainable, they say, and would mean Royston loses its village identity.

Other concerns include an increase in traffic, as well as putting more strain on schools and doctors.

Wildlife would also suffer, they say, through a loss of habitat.

"It's about not letting Royston being overrun with all houses and nothing else," member Trish Jones, 53, said.

Fellow member Roger Kirk, 61, added: "There's absolutely no need to build more houses in Royston. I think we've given our fair share for this growth and regeneration strategy the council has."

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