A MEETING is to be held this evening for residents affected by the 'bedroom tax' in Cudworth and Shafton.

Barnsley Against The Bedroom Tax is holding its first meeting in Cudworth, as a result of local demand.

The meeting is at 6pm at West End Club, St John's Road, Cudworth. Fran Postlethwaite from the action group will be speaking.

Some council tenants have had their housing benefit cut because they have a spare room, leaving them worried they won't be able to find the extra money.

Fran said: "We're holding this meeting because we're getting increasing support from tenants in Cudworth and Shafton.

"Tenants are getting increasingly worried because they cannot afford to pay the bedroom tax and Barnsley Council has adopted a very aggressive stance towards tenants who are falling into arrears through no fault of their own.

"I urge everyone who is directly affected to come to this meeting as well as everyone else who wants to help us campaign to defeat this evil piece of legislation."