WORKING class people have been 'left behind' by political parties - and that's why they're disinterested in politics.

That was one view at a public meeting organised by Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis to discuss why people are disillusioned with politics.

Around 23 people, including two Barnsley councillors, attended the meeting in Barnsley Town Hall last Tuesday night.

Mr Jarvis understood to an extent why people were cynical - especially in the light of the expenses scandal - but said his office worked 'extremely hard' to make sure Barnsley voices were heard in Westminster.

Others said politicians were in a 'Westminster bubble' and completely out of touch.

There was a lack of faith in manifestos and people could no longer tell the difference between the main parties.

Resident Dave Cherry said working conditions had gone downhill because of anti trade union laws. He said: "There's nothing to threaten the established order, and we have left the working classes behind."

Michael O' Hara, from Royston, said: "The London elite, journalists, opinion formers, they do exactly what they please and ignore us. Meetings and opinion polls are just window dressing."

Others said parliamentary debates were only about point scoring rather than real issues - like the NHS and the bedroom tax - and politicians behaved without any professionalism or respect.

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