PROTESTERS against the so-called 'bedroom tax' camped out in a town centre park.

The group set up camp in Sparrow Park, on the corner of Shambles Street and Summer Lane, last Saturday.

The group is angry at having money for a spare room deducted from their rent, causing a shortfall which they must make up - but many have been unable to do so.

Darren Glover, 47, of Spring Bank Close, Carlton, was at the site collecting names to sign their petition.

He said about 400 people had signed the petition since last Saturday, taking to total signatures up to about 6,000.

One woman from Athersley, who did not want to be named, said she has to pay £20.37 per week to make up the shortfall in her rent.

Many had left the site by Tuesday, but there were still four tents and people in the park on Friday.