A BUSINESSMAN has been left bewildered after a police officer he has never met filed a report about his mental health.

David Cooper, of Barnsley Road, Hoylandswaine, received a letter from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust saying he had been referred to its mental health services via an alert made by the police.

But David, who owns Boomerang Business Promotions, said he has not had any dealings with the police and has been left flabbergasted as to why the letter has been sent.

David, 49, said: "What it's about I don't know. I don't drink, I don't smoke or take drugs. I live on my own, I get up every day and go to work to earn a living.

"I just can't get my head around what it's about. At first I thought it was an accident, or someone playing a prank. But it's making out I'm under my GP for mental health problems and I'm not. It's got to be a mistake."

David contacted SWYFT but didn't get the answers he wanted and was told to 'stop shouting'.

He visited Barnsley police station where he spoke to a sergeant who told him an officer had made a report. But the sergeant would not give David a copy of it or tell him the name of the officer who had submitted it.

"He was very stand-offish and as I was walking out he said 'I'll not shake your hand'.

"It's concerning that a police officer I've never met can file a report on my mental health.

"I haven't done anything wrong and I want to know why this report has been made - I'm not under any kind of order.

"This could affect my business. People might think I'm mentally ill and not want to use my services."

David has consulted a solicitor about the letter, which he claims is a defamation of character.

A spokeswoman for South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “We're unable to comment on individual cases as to do so breaches patient confidentiality and the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

"We encourage anyone who has a concern about any aspect of our services to contact our Customer Services Team so that we can work with them to resolve their issue.”