AN abandoned, half-built bulding on the edge of the town centre is a tragedy waiting to happen according to a photographer who scaled its heights.

The warning comes from Asa Foster - whose spectacular photo was featured on We Are Barnsley last week - after he climbed the 'City Reach' building on Heelis Street.

Asa, 28, said he scaled the concrete ‘skeleton’ because he wanted to take a photograph of the town from high up - but was shocked at what he found inside.

The structure, which has stood untouched for more than four years, is strewn with needles and is being used by people taking drugs and drinking.

He fears the potentially dangerous state of the structure - which has no external walls, no barriers, no lighting and holes in some of the floors - means it's only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or even killed there.

"It's a death trap," Asa said. "I was sober and very, very careful as I walked up there, but anyone drinking or taking drugs could so easily slip and fall.

"There's no security and it's obvious from the debris strewn around the place that a lot of people are going in there who would not be too steady on their feet.

"If you have a building in that state being used by people taking drugs and drinking then that’s a recipe for a tragedy. I really was appalled to see how many people are obviously going there because that is very, very dangerous."

Local residents and shoppers have complained about drug users gathering in the building and the police have been called to several incidents there to remove people from the building.

The land was originally bought for £1.8million in June 2007 by Leeds-based developer Bob Mark and a company called Industrial and Corporate Finance Limited was going to fund its £9million development.

The building was supposed to have 10,000 sq ft of retail space on the ground floor with 86 apartments above.

Work started in October 2007, but stopped the following year as the recession bit. It's understood a potential new owner is in discussions to buy the land and structure.