STAGECOACH has defended itself after one of its drivers was sacked for failing to collect fares from a band who staged an impromptu concert on his bus.

Some members of the Frumptarn Guggen Band - along with a band they had invited over from Germany - caught the 66 Stagecoach bus to Worsbrough Mill where they were due to play.

The band's conductor, Keith Ramskill, said it seemed like a harsh action for the bus company to take.

"What a shame a lovely afternoon for almost everyone was spoiled by this," said Keith. "I'm surprised anyone complained as they seemed to enjoy the bands.

"We offered to pay the fare and we would like to repeat this offer to Stagecoach if they would reinstate this very kind man."

However, a spokeswoman for Stagecoach said: "The driver in question was not dismissed for a one-off incident involving ticket irregularity. He was dismissed as a result of several issues during the relatively short period he was employed by us.

"As always, we followed our full disciplinary procedure when dealing with this matter which included two levels of appeal."

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