A BARNSLEY woman is to be commended by the police for her courage and excellent public service.

Chief Superintendent for Barnsley, Andy Brooke, will award Leanne Underwood with a Commander’s Commendation.

On Wednesday, June 19, an incident occurred on Barnsley Road, Wombwell, where a 13-year-old boy had fallen from his bike and suffered an open fracture to his wrist.

Leanne saw the incident take place and immediately stopped her vehicle and went to assist the boy.

She contacted the ambulance service and remained with him in the road, she supported his wrist and tended to his open wound.

A police officer who was passing by assisted Leanne in moving the boy to the side of the road, at which point she placed her jacket around the boy to keep him warm. She continued to support and reassure the boy until the ambulance arrived.

The 13-year-old suffered open fractures, breaking both his radius and ulna, and remained in hospital for several days undergoing surgery to repair the damage caused.

It's particularly noteworthy that if Leanne had not been there, a passing vehicle could have hit the boy, however her assistance prevented this from happening.

Leanne had no hesitation in supporting someone in need, she acted decisively, and put the safety of others above her own.

"I have no hesitation in awarding Leanne Underwood this Commander’s Commendation in recognition of her professionalism, quick-thinking and decisive action," Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke said.