RESIDENTS have said anti-social behaviour is so bad in their neighbourhood it's akin to a 'warzone'.

More than 25 angry residents in Monk Bretton gatecrashed a community crime and safety meeting last week, saying they feared someone would be seriously hurt or even killed by "druggies, alcoholics and glue-sniffers" roaming St Anne's Drive, Rainford Drive and Fylde Close.

Chairman of the crime and safety group, Terry Price, passed concerns on to the police at the Partners and Community Together (PACT) meeting.

She said residents "can't take any more" and members agreed to make the crackdown a priority.

Some elderly people are too scared to answer their doors and cannot sleep because of shouting and the noise of smashing windows in the early hours, according to local people.

Barry Wallace, 73, of St Anne's Drive, has lived in the area for 47 years and was among those at the community crime and safety meeting last Wednesday.

He said problems had been going on for more than a year.

"Druggies are causing mayhem going into old folks' houses and demanding food," he said. "One glue-sniffer walks down the street openly holding the can and we have smelled cannabis next door.

"A lady complained about her neighbour and now it sounds like he is battering her wall with a sledgehammer."

Mr Wallace said police had been out several times but problems were escalating.

Monk Bretton's Cllr Margaret Sheard said: "Until the residents all came along to the meeting we didn't realise the extent of the problems."