RECENT figures have shown there's been a slight increase in unemployment rates - with more young people out of work now than the previous month.

The number of people out of work has risen from 2,937 to 2,947 in Barnsley Central, and the number of young people out of work has jumped from 835 to 855 in a month.

MP Dan Jarvis said these latest figures signal bad news for Barnsley.

"Over the past month, I have spoken to many unemployed people from across the town who are desperate to get into work, but have had the door slammed shut in their faces.

"This is desperately disappointing when we consider what Barnsley has to offer. We have a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit, a first-class business acumen and a strong determination to go to work.

"I have consistently said that jobs are my main priority in Barnsley Central. I know that getting people off of the dole queue and into jobs will be vital to us changing the local, regional and national profile of our town."