A MAN has been sacked for failing to collect fares from a band who staged an impromptu concert on his bus.

Some members of the Frumptarn Guggen Band - along with a band they had invited over from Germany - caught the 66 Stagecoach bus to Worsbrough Mill where they were due to play.

It's understood that due to 'time constraints', the driver didn't collect the £1.50 from each passenger.

During the journey, the musicians entertained passengers with their music until they got off.

However, it appears that one passenger made a complaint about the band not having to pay a fare - which resulted in the driver being called into the office.

The driver, a family man who does not wish to be named, was sacked despite offering to pay the musicians' fares himself.

Rupert Cox, the commercial director for Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: "Stagecoach's policy sets out that our bus drivers are responsible for ensuring all passengers have a valid ticket for travel.

"On this occasion, unfortunately, the correct procedure wasn't followed."

The Frumptarn Guggen Band's conductor, Keith Ramskill, said it seemed like a harsh action for the bus company to take.

"Having so many people we thought it easier to take public transport," he said. "It's quite usual for us to play and sing like this, we travel on trains and play and sing.

"What a shame a lovely afternoon for almost everyone was spoiled by this. I'm surprised anyone complained as they seemed to enjoy the bands.

"We offered to pay the fare and we would like to repeat this offer to Stagecoach if they would reinstate this very kind man."